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Oh Please Drop The ‘Poor Theresa’ Act

Tory Scum

Lizzy Opens Her Parliament (Likely Not For The Last Time In 2017)

Liberal Democrats

Are You Excited By Vince Cable Running For The Lib Dem Leader?!?!? Nah Me Neither


Finsbury Park Attack & The Alt-Right Bigots Who Might Have Helped Inspire It

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Immediately The Alt-Right Are All Gleeful Finsbury Park Terrorist Attack

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Haven’t The Tories & The Alt Right Been Compassionate In Their Response To The Peeps Of Grenfell Tower….Err NOT!


Condescension, Arrogantly Authoritarian & undemocratic, Just Some Of The Reasons I Dislike Blairites.

Governmental Wrongdoings · Tory Scum

Theresa May Proves Yet Again The Tories Don’t Care

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Rumours Abound About The Lib Dems & The Tories & Another Snap Election