GE2017 · Liberal Democrats

Bye Bye Timmy & Is It Hello Tony?

GE2017 · Green Party

Thoughts on The Green Party Post GE2017

GE2017 · Liberal Democrats

Don’t Tell Me To Fuck Off Because The Electorate Told The Lib Dems To Fuck Off Back Into Political Obscurity

GE2017 · Labour

Yes But, Yes But, Yes But, Yes But, Time You Blairites Ate Some Humble Pie

GE2017 · Tory Scum

Theresa May You’re Fucking Atrocious & This Is Why The Tories Lost Seats

GE2017 · Labour · Tory Scum

Theresa May Loses Her Mandate & Jeremy Corbyn Confounds The Critics

GE2017 · Labour

Vote Labour