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Are You Excited By Vince Cable Running For The Lib Dem Leader?!?!? Nah Me Neither

Liberal Democrats · Tory Scum

Rumours Abound About The Lib Dems & The Tories & Another Snap Election

GE2017 · Liberal Democrats

Bye Bye Timmy & Is It Hello Tony?

GE2017 · Liberal Democrats

Don’t Tell Me To Fuck Off Because The Electorate Told The Lib Dems To Fuck Off Back Into Political Obscurity

GE2017 · Liberal Democrats

Timmy Was On The Telly!

GE2017 · Labour

Yes But, Yes But, Yes But, Yes But Why Can’t You Admit Jez Is Doing A Good Job!

GE2017 · Liberal Democrats

All the Lib Dems Care About Is Winning No Matter How disrespectful They Are In The Process

GE2017 · LGBTQ

For Those Who Think GE2017 Is Absent OF Homophobia & Transphobia

GE2017 · Liberal Democrats

The Lib Dems Have A Manifesto But Hey Who Cares